Standard - 10

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Chapter-1: Euclid's Algorithm and Real Numbers

Chapter-2: Polynomials

Chapter-3: Pair of Linear Equations in Two variables

Chapter-4: Quadratic Equations

Chapter-5: Arithmetic Progressions

Chapter-6: Similarity of Triangles

Chapter-7: Similarity and the Theorem of Pythagoras

Chapter-8: Coordinate Geometry

Chapter-9: Trigonometry

Chapter-10: Heights and Distances

Chapter-11: Circles

Chapter-12: Constructions

Chapter-13: Areas Related to a Circle

Chapter-14: Surface Areas and Volumes

Chapter-15: Stastics

Chapter-16: Probability



Chapter-1: An Introduction to Nanotechnology

Chapter-2: Reflection and Refraction

Chapter-3: Dispersion of light and natural Optical phenomena

Chapter-4: Electricity

Chapter-5: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Chapter-6: Universe

Chapter-7: Acids, Bases and Salts

Chapter-8: Metals

Chapter-9: Non-metals

Chapter-10: Mineral Coal and Mineral Oil

Chapter-11: Organic Compounds

Chapter-12: Nutrition and Respiration

Chapter-13: Transportation, Circulation and Excretion in Organisms

Chapter-14: Control and Coordination in Organisms

Chapter-15: Reproduction in Organisms

Chapter-16: Heredity and Evolution

Chapter-17: Our Environment

Chapter-18: Management of Natural Resources

Technical Terms


Chapter-1: Euclid ni Bhagvidhi ane Vastavik sankhyao

Chapter-2: Bahupdio

Chapter-3: Dwichal Surekh Samikaran-Yugm

Chapter-4: Dwighat Samikaran

Chapter-5: Samantar Shreni

Chapter-6: Trikon ni Samrupta

Chapter-7: Samrupta ane Pythagoras Pramey

Chapter-8: Yambhumiti

Chapter-9: Trikonmiti

Chapter-10: Antar ane Unchai

Chapter-11: Vartud

Chapter-12: Rachna

Chapter-13: Vartud Sambandhit Kshetrafad

Chapter-14: Prushthafal ane Ghanfal

Chapter-15: Aankada shashtra

Chapter-16: Sambhavna



Chapter-1: Nenotechnology no parichay

Chapter-2: Prakash - Paravartan ane Vakribhavan

Chapter-3: Prakash nu vihbajan ane Kudrati prakashiy ghatnao

Chapter-4: Vidhyut

Chapter-5: Vidhyutpravah ni chumbakiy asaro

Chapter-6: Bhrahmand

Chapter-7: Acid, Baise ane Kshar

Chapter-8: Dhatuo

Chapter-9: Adhatuo

Chapter-10: Khanij kolso ane khanij tel

Chapter-11: Karbanik sanyojano

Chapter-12: Poshan ane shvashan

Chapter-13: Sajivo ma vahan, parivahan ane utsarjan

Chapter-14: Sajivo ma niyantran ane sankalan (sahniyaman)

Chapter-15: Sajivo ma prajnan

Chapter-16: Aanuvanshika ane utsarjan

Chapter-17: Aapnu paryavaran

Chapter-18: Naisargik stroto ni jadavani

Technical Terms