Standard - 11

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Chapter-1: Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Chapter-2: Structure of Atom

Chapter-3: Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

Chapter-4: Redox Reactions

Chapter-5: Hydrogen

Chapter-6: The s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Elements)

Chapter-7: Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry



Chapter-1: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Chapter-2: States of Matter - Gas and Liquid

Chapter-3: Thermodynamics

Chapter-4: Equlibrium

Chapter-5: Some p-Block Elements-1

Chapter-6: Hydrocarbons

Chapter-7: Environmental Chemistry


Chapter-1: Physical World

Chapter-2: Measurement and System of Units

Chapter-3: Motion in a Straight Line

Chapter-4: Motion in a Plane

Chapter-5: Laws of Motion

Chapter-6: Work, Energy and Power

Chapter-7: Heat Transfer

Chapter-8: Kinetic Theory of Gases



Log Table


Chapter-1: Dynamics of a System of Particles

Chapter-2: Rotational Motion

Chapter-3: Gravitation

Chapter-4: Mechanical Properties of Solids

Chapter-5: Fluid Mechanics

Chapter-6: Thermodynamics

Chapter-7: Oscillations

Chapter-8: Waves



Chapter-1: Mathematical Reasoning

Chapter-2: Set Theory

Chapter-3: Relations and Functions

Chapter-4: Trigonometric Functions

Chapter-5: Special Values and Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Chapter-6: Straight Lines

Chapter-7: Permutations and Combinations

Chapter-8: Linear Inequalities

Chapter-9: Dispersion

Chapter-10: Probalilities



Chapter-1: Principle of Mathematical Induction

Chapter-2: Complex Numbers

Chapter-3: Binomial Theorem

Chapter-4: Addition and Factor Formulae

Chapter-5: Values of Trigonometric Functions for Multiplication and Submultiples

Chapter-6: Trigonometric Equations and Properties of a Triangle

Chapter-7: Sequences and Series

Chapter-8: Conics

Chapter-9: Three Dimensional Geometry

Chapter-10: Limits

Chapter-11: Derivative



Chapter-1: Classification of Living Organisms

Chapter-2: Taxonomical Aids

Chapter-3: Classification of Plant Kingdom

Chapter-4: Classification of Animal Kingdom

Chapter-5: Cell Structure

Chapter-6: Biomolecules-1 (Carbohydrates and Lipids)

Chapter-7: Biomolecules-2 (Proteins, Nucleicadics and Enzymes)

Chapter-8: Cell Cycle and Cell Diseases

Chapter-9: Animal Husbandry and Plant Breeding

Chapter-10: Human Health and Diseases (Immunity, Vaccination, Cancer, Aids)

Chapter-11: Microbes and Human Welfare


Chapter-1: Plant Morphology-1 (Root, Stem and Leaf)

Chapter-2: Plant Morphology-2 (Flower, Fruit, Seed and Family)

Chapter-3: Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Chapter-4: Amimal Tissue

Chapter-5: Animal Morphology and Anatomy-1

Chapter-6: Animal Morphology and Anatomy-2


Chapter-1: Introduction to Multimedia

Chapter-2: Animation Tool: Synfig

Chapter-3: Creating Animation Using Synfig

Chapter-4: Introduction to Layers

Chapter-5: Using Pictures in Synfig

Chapter-6: Basic Ubuntu Linux Commands

Chapter-7: Vim Editor and Basic Scripting

Chapter-8: Advanced Scripting

Chapter-9: Introduction to Database Management System

Chapter-10: Working with Tables

Chapter-11: Retrieving Data Using Queries

Chapter-12: Forms and Reports

Chapter-13: Current Trends and Technologies



Chapter-1: Rasayan vigyan ni paya ni sankalpanao

Chapter-2: Parmanviy Bandharan

Chapter-3: Tatvo nu vargikaran ane gundharmo ma aavartita

Chapter-4: Redox prakriyao

Chapter-5: Hydrogen

Chapter-6: s-vibhag na tatvo (alkali ane alkanine arth tatvo)

Chapter-7: Karbanik rasayanvigyan na paya na sidhdhanto



Chapter-1: Rasayanik bandhan ane aanviy rachna

Chapter-2: Dravya avastha - vvyu ane pravahi

Chapter-3: Ushma gati shashtra

Chapter-4: Santulam

Chapter-5: p- vibhag na ketlak tatvo

Chapter-6: Hydro carben

Chapter-7: Paryavaraniy rasayan vigyan


Chapter-1: Bhautik Jagat

Chapter-2: Mapan tatha aekam paddhati

Chapter-3: Surekhpath par gati

Chapter-4: Samtal ma gati

Chapter-5: Gati na niyamo

Chapter-6: Karya, urja ane power

Chapter-7: Ushma prasran

Chapter-8: Vayu no gativad



Log Table

Geometric Formulas


Chapter-1: Kanona tantra nu dynamics

Chapter-2: Chakgati

Chapter-3: Gurutvakarshan

Chapter-4: Ghan padartho na yantrik gundharmo

Chapter-5: Taral nu mechanics

Chapter-6: Thermodynamics

Chapter-7: Dolano

Chapter-8: Tarango



Chapter-1: Ganitik Tark

Chapter-2: Gan Siddhant

Chapter-3: Sambandh ane Vidhey

Chapter-4: Trikonmitiy Vidheyo

Chapter-5: Trikonmitiy vidheyona vishith moolyo ane aalekno

Chapter-6: Rekhao

Chapter-7: Kramchay ane Sanchay

Chapter-8: Surekh Asamtao

Chapter-9: Prasarman

Chapter-10: Sambhavnao



Chapter-1: Ganitiy anuman no siddhant

Chapter-2: Sankar Sankhyao

Chapter-3: Dwipadi Pramey

Chapter-4: Sarvada na sutro ane avayav sutro

Chapter-5: Gunit ane upgunit sankhyao mate trikonmitiy vidhey na mulyo matena sutro

Chapter-6: Trikonmitiy samikarano ane trikon na gundharmo

Chapter-7: Shreni ane Shredhi

Chapter-8: Shankavo

Chapter-9: Triparimaniy bhoomiti

Chapter-10: Laksh

Chapter-11: Vikalan



Chapter-1: Sajivo nu vargikaran

Chapter-2: Vargikaran na kshetro

Chapter-3: Vanaspati shrushti nu vargikaran

Chapter-4: Prani shrushti nu vargikaran

Chapter-5: Kosh rachna

Chapter-6: Jaivik Anuo-1 (Karbodit ane charbi)

Chapter-7: Jaivik Anuo-2 (Protin, Nyuklic Acid ane Utsechako)

Chapter-8: Koshchakra ane koshvibhajan

Chapter-9: Pashupalan ane vanaspati samvardhan

Chapter-10: Manav svasthay ane rogo (Rog-pratikarakta, rasikaran, Cancer, Aids)

Chapter-11: Sukshm sajivo ane manav kalyan


Chapter-1: Vanaspati bahyakar vidhya-1 (Mool, Prakand, Parna)

Chapter-2: Vanaspati bahyakar vidhya - 2 (Pushpa, Fal, Bij ane Kool)

Chapter-3: Sapushpi vanaspatio ni aantasth rachna

Chapter-4: Pranipeshi

Chapter-5: Prani bahyakarvidhya ane antastha rachna-1 (Adasiu and Vando)

Chapter-6: Prani bahyakarvidhya ane antastha rachna-2 (Dedko)


Chapter-1: Multimedia no parichay

Chapter-2: Animation tool: Sinfing

Chapter-3: Sinfing vade Animation

Chapter-4: Layer no parichay

Chapter-5: Sinfing ma chitra no upyog

Chapter-6: Ubuntu linux na mudbhut command

Chapter-7: Vim editor ane mudbhut scripts

Chapter-8: Advance scripting

Chapter-9: Database management syaten no parichay

Chapter-10: Table sathe karya

Chapter-11: Query no upyog kari mahiti medavvi

Chapter-12: Form ane aheval

Chapter-13: Tajetar na pravaho ane technology