Standard - 12

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Chapter-1: Relations and Functions

Chapter-2: Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Chapter-3: Determinants

Chapter-4: Matrices

Chapter-5: Continuity and Differentiability

Chapter-6: Indefinite Integration

Chapter-7: Probability

Chapter-8: Linear Programming



Chapter-1: Applications of Derivatives

Chapter-2: Indefinite Integration

Chapter-3: Definite Integration

Chapter-4: An Application of Integrals

Chapter-5: Differential Equations

Chapter-6: Vector Algebra

Chapter-7: Three Dimensional Geometry




Chapter-1: Solid State

Chapter-2: Solutuins

Chapter-3: Electrochemistry

Chapter-4: General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

Chapter-5: p-Block Elements - 2

Chapter-6: Haloalkane and Haloarene Compounds

Chapter-7: Alcohol, Phenol and Ether Compounds

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Chapter-1: Chemical Kinetics

Chapter-2: Surface Chemistry

Chapter-3: d- and f-Block Elements

Chapter-4: Complex Salts or Co-ordination Compounds

Chapter-5: Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

Chapter-6: Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

Chapter-7: Biomolecules

Chapter-8: Ploymers

Chapter-9: Chemistry in Everyday Life

Technical Terms


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Chapter-1: Electric Charge and Electric Field

Chapter-2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Chapter-3: Current Electricity

Chapter-4: Magnatic Effects of Electric Current

Chapter-5: Magnetism and Matter

Chapter-6: Ray Optics

Chapter-7: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter


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Chapter-1: Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter-2: Alternating Current

Chapter-3: Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter-4: Waves Optics

Chapter-5: Atoms

Chapter-6: Nucleus

Chapter-7: Semiconductor Electromics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits

Chapter-8: Communication Systems


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Chapter-1: Transport in Plants

Chapter-2: Mineral Nutrition

Chapter-3: Photosynthesis

Chapter-4: Respiration

Chapter-5: Digestion And Absorption

Chapter-6: Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Chapter-7: Body Fluids and Circulation

Chapter-8: Excretory Products and their elimination

Chapter-9: Locomotion and Movement

Chapter-10: Organisms and Population

Chapter-11: Ecosystems

Chapter-12: Biodiversity and Its Conservation

Chapter-13: Environmental Issues


Chapter-1: Neural Control and Coordination in Animal

Chapter-2: Chemical Coordination and Control

Chapter-3: Reproduction in Organisms

Chapter-4: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter-5: Growth and Development in Plants

Chapter-6: Human Reproduction

Chapter-7: Reproductive Health

Chapter-8: Heredity and Variation

Chapter-9: Molecular Bais of Inheritance

Chapter-10: Evolution

Chapter-11: Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Chapter-12: Biotechnology and its Applications


Chapter-1: Sambandh ane Vidhey

Chapter-2: Trikonmitiy Pratividheyo

Chapter-3: Nishyayak

Chapter-4: Shrenik

Chapter-5: Satatya ane Vikalan

Chapter-6: Aniyan Sankalan

Chapter-7: Sambhavna

Chapter-8: Surekh Aayojan



Chapter-1: Vikalan na upyogo

Chapter-2: Aniyat Sankalan

Chapter-3: Niyat Sankalan

Chapter-4: Sankalan no aek upyog

Chapter-5: Vikal Samikarano

Chapter-6: Sadish nu bijganit

Chapter-7: Triparimaniy Bhoomiti



Chapter-1: Ghan Avastha

Chapter-2: Dhravano

Chapter-3: Vidhyut Rasayan

Chapter-4: Tatvo na alagikaran mate na samanya siddhanto ane paddhatio

Chapter-5: p-vibag na tatvo-2

Chapter-6: Heloalken ane heloaerin sanyojano

Chapter-7: Alcohol, Finol ane Ether sanyojano

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Chapter-1: Rasayanik Gatiki

Chapter-2: Prushtha rasayanshashtra

Chapter-3: d- ane f- vibhag na tatvo

Chapter-4: Sankirna ksharo athava savarga sanyojano

Chapter-5: Aaldihaid, Kiton ane Carboxilic Acid

Chapter-6: Nitrojan yukta karbanik sanyojano

Chapter-7: Jaivik Anuo

Chapter-8: Polimer

Chapter-9: Rojinda jival ma rasayan vigyan

Technical Terms


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Chapter-1: Vidhyutbhar ane vidhyut kshetra

Chapter-2: Sthit-vidhyut sthitiman ane capecitance

Chapter-3: Pravah vidhyut

Chapter-4: Vidhyut pravah ni chumbakiy asaro

Chapter-5: Chumbaktva ane dhravya

Chapter-6: Kiran Prakash shashtra

Chapter-7: Vikiran ane dhravya no dhvait svabhav


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Chapter-1: Vidhyut chumbakiy Preran

Chapter-2: Altering Current

Chapter-3: Vidhyut chumbakiy tarango

Chapter-4: Tarang-Prakash shashtra

Chapter-5: Parmanuo

Chapter-6: Nyuclias

Chapter-7: Semi-condector electronics: dravyo, rachnao ane sada paripatho

Chapter-8: communication system


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Technical Terms


Chapter-1: Vanaspatio ma vahan

Chapter-2: Khanij poshan

Chapter-3: Prakash Sanshleshan

Chapter-4: Shvashan

Chapter-5: Pachan ane Abhishoshan

Chapter-6: Kshvasoshvas ane vayuo ni aap-le

Chapter-7: Deljal ane parivahan

Chapter-8: Utsargpadarth ane teno nikal

Chapter-9: Prachalan ane halanchalan

Chapter-10: Sajivo ane Vasati

Chapter-11: Nivasantantra

Chapter-12: Jaivavividhta ane tenu sanrakshan

Chapter-13: Paryavaraniy samasyao


Chapter-1: Pranio ma chetakiy niyantran ane sahniyaman

Chapter-2: Rasayanik sankalan ane niyantran

Chapter-3: Sajivo ma prajanan

Chapter-4: Sapushpi vanaspatio ma lingi prajanan

Chapter-5: Vanaspatio ma vruddhi ane vikas

Chapter-6: Manavio ma prajanan

Chapter-7: Prajananik Swashthay

Chapter-8: Aanuvanshikta ane bhinnata

Chapter-9: Anuvanshikta no aanviy aadhar

Chapter-10: Udvikas

Chapter-11: Biotechnology: Siddhanto ane Prakriyao

Chapter-12: Biotechnology ane tenu prayojan

Technical Terms